National Advanced Transportation News, Feb 20, 2015

20 February 2015
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It’s been a busy week in advanced transportation and clean technology. This week in national advanced transportation media coverage, one of the more interesting threads is the emerging consensus between groups, usually at odds with each other, over states preventing Tesla to be able to sell directly to customers instead of the dealership model.

CleanTechnica launches a weekly podcast, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) launched an energy incubator website to help emerging businesses, research facilities, and universities connect to support innovation in clean energy technology.

PODCAST: CleanTechnica Launches “Cleantech Talk” Podcast (Apple Cars, Tesla Model X, Formula E, Chevy Bolt)

Koch Brothers & Sierra Club Back Tesla Direct Sales

REPORT: Electric Vehicle Charging Services
Level 1, Level 2, DC Fast Charging, and Wireless EVSE for Residential
and Commercial Car Charging and Commercial Charging Services

Eaton DC hyper charger charges at rates of up to one megawatt

Top Cities For Transportation Apps

Electric Truck Maker Developing Drone Deployment System

Con Edison tests smart grid technology for fleet charging

The Next Generation Of Battery Tech At ARPA-E

Snail shells inspire new battery design

CCW begins delivering ZEPS buses to IndyGo

Lightning Hybrids Debuts System for Step Vans

NREL: New Incubator Network to Help Clean-Energy Entrepreneurs

These Factors Are Impacting Sales of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

STUDY: Removing Georgia’s Zero Emission Vehicle Tax Credit Would Subtract $252 Million From State Economy Over Next 16 Years

$30 million in Federal grants to pay for Proterra electric buses

Transportation Secretary Foxx Discusses “Beyond Traffic” at the Mineta Transportation Institute

U.S. House leaders want new Amtrak financing formula

Man-made climate change may need man-made remedies, science panel says

Plug-In Car Sales Rise 27% In 2014 To Over 118,000

Senators Push For Fair Taxing of LNG

Agility, Clean Energy Reduce Cost of CNG System, Fueling

SolidEnergy hopes to double EV battery range by 2017

New Auto Dealers Association Head Continuing Strange “Get The Facts” Campaign

A Primer on Natural Gas Fueling

Study Says EV Chargers More Effective Than Tax Credits

Colorado’s UQM Technologies certified to sell electric powertrains in China

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