FCX Clarity Vehicle Assembly at Honda New Model Center

FCX Clarity Vehicle Assembly at Honda New Model Center.
Photo courtesy of AHM Company, Inc.

Southern California is already home to several hydrogen fueling stations to support the use of fuel cell electric vehicles.  These stations are usually co-located with gas stations, making it even more convenient for fuel cell vehicle drivers to fuel.  You can find a map on where these stations are here.

In short, a fuel cell is used to generate electricity. It is similar to a battery in that a fuel cell needs to be refueled as its energy is utilized. A fuel cell requires hydrogen to function, which can be extracted from water, photo-biological processes or petroleum products.

The vehicles that utilize this fuel type are called fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and are currently made for passenger vehicles as well as for transit operations.  View the list of available vehicles here.

As of December 2014, there are five stations in operation in the Southern California region and over 30 in development.

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The state of California is investing significantly in the development of its hydrogen infrastructure, and the US Department of Energy is also investing heavily in research and development opportunities related to fuel cells, fuel cell electric vehicles, and hydrogen.  Visit the current funding opportunities section on the Advanced Transportation Center website for more details.