Advanced Transportation World News Round-up, Feb 20, 2015

20 February 2015
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Here are noteworthy items we’ve gathered in advanced transportation world news. From tiny Liechtenstein, nanoFlowcell AG has a vehicle in development that claims a 620 mile range, Singapore University is 3D printing cars that look like sci-fi movie props, and France is offering generous incentives to get drivers to give up their diesel cars in favor of electric cars, and more.

QUANTiNO concept with low-voltage flow battery has 620-mile range, 124 mph top speed

Japan Now Home To More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Than Gas Stations

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Arrives for Medium-Duty Trucks

New and improved flow cell battery EV to appear at Geneva auto show

France Offering Up To €10,000 To Switch From Old Diesel Cars To Electric Cars

Plug-in Metrocab hits the streets of London

98 MPG Range-Extended Electric Metrocab Coming To London

UK’s Battery Electric Train Completes First Test

Singapore University 3D Prints Sci-Fi Vehicles

2015 Toyota Le Mans Prototype Revealed

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