Vehicle Manufacturing News – February 2, 2015

2 February 2015
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Innovation in the advanced transportation industry cluster is happening rapidly around the world. Here are some of the recent vehicle manufacturing news and videos we thought you might be interested in.

If you have news or events you think we should include in our coverage, please send your suggestions to the Advanced Transportation Center editor.

VIDEO: BMW Super Bowl ad: Big ideas like the i3 take a little getting used to

BMW i3 Called ‘Most Revolutionary Car’ Since Model T

BMW establishes retirement plan for EV batteries

Porsche Pajun will be EV only?

Volvo Has EVs Ready, But Isn’t Ready To Sell Them

Mysterious Toyota RND Concept Teased

BYD taking pre-orders for Tang plug-in SUV

505 Horsepower BYD Tang 542 Plug-In SUV Could Sell For Just $35,000

Cadillac Is Going Electric

Toyota Mirai Orders Reach 1,500 in Japan

Toyota Recalls Prius V for Passenger Air Bag

Now Is A Great Time To Buy That Electric Or Hybrid Car

2017 Jeep Wrangler Could Be A Hybrid

VW Plug-in Hybrid Mid-Size SUV Seen At Detroit Auto Show

VW to include CCS fast charging on all future plug-in vehicles (PHEVs too?)

Custom Zero Motorcycle Concept Goes From Sketch To Road

Jaguar Bike Sense Makes The Road Safer For Cyclists

Energy Quote of the Day: Toyota Promotes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles by Releasing Patents

VW to include CCS fast charging on all future plug-in vehicles (PHEVs too?)

Mercedes-Benz Introduces First Plug-In Hybrid C-Class

Mercedes AMG May Build Hybrid Supercar To Compete With Porsche 918 Spyder

Polaris Buys Brammo To Focus On Powertrain Development

Elon Musk Heads Back To Texas To Talk Tesla, Hyperloop Test Track

The Infiniti LE Electric Car Concept Isn’t Happening

Scion iQ Cut As Small Car Sales Shrink

VIA Motors Begins Production Of Plug-In Hybrid Pickup

VIA Motors Plans To Sell 50,000 Hybrid Trucks A Year By 2018

First Year BMW i3 Sales Exceed Expectations

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