• 2014 Connected Car-LA Auto Show News

    5 December 2014
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    In case you missed this year’s Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, you can catch up on the Connected Car Expo speakers, vehicle debuts, and more by going to the stories we linked to below. There’s a lot to watch on the site. You can watch and listen to the entire conference, including  and interview with President & CEO of Volvo, Håkan Samuelsson, and keynote speaker, Peter Schwartz at the following link  :

    photo courtesy of Connected Car Expo / Los Angeles Auto Show.

    Panel Recap: The Pros & Cons of Connected Autonomy

    LA Auto Show in the News:

    LA Auto Show 2014: BMW’s i3 named Green Car of the Year

    Government Fleet: 2014 L.A. Auto Show Press Day Impressions

    Audi prologue Coupe Debuts In LA

    Why The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Advantage Doesn’t Matter

    2015 Chevrolet Cruze Offers More Connectivity

    Toyota Discusses Fleet Strategy for Fuel Cell Vehicle

    Automakers respond to tough questions about fuel cells

    Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz – Connected Buyers Want Connected Cars

    Audi Considering Plug-In Hybrid Version Of R8 Sports-Car, In Addition To 100% Electric Version

    Toyota partners with Air Liquide to develop hydrogen fueling stations for new Mirai sedan

    Toyota To Lose $100,000 On Every Hydrogen FCV Sold?

    BMW i5 Could Be Powered By Toyota Hydrogen Tech

    Next-Gen Volt Gains User-Friendly Charging Features

    Hyundai Has An Answer For Fuel Cell EV Haters…Make That 10 Answers

    Is the 2016 Toyota Mirai the Car of the Future?

    MINI Debuts Electric Scooter Instead Of Electric Car

    2016 Chevy Volt Front End Peeks Out

    Audi A7 h-tron Is A High Performance Hydrogen Car

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  • World Advanced Transportation News – November

    5 December 2014
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    We’ve gathered significant world advanced transportation news that pertains to the global trends and innovations occuring in advanced transportation and alternative fuels for your perusal. The article on Nissan-Renault alliance CEO, Carlos Ghosn includes video footage of a recent, informative interview with Charlie Rose where he discusses the future of the auto industry and industry focus on FCEVs, PHEVs, and HEVs . 

    • Biofuel From Whiskey Waste
    • Carlos Ghosn talks about the future of the auto industry with Charlie Rose
    • Peugeot 207 Electric Rally Car Approved For Racing

    The Stohl Rally-E, the first all-electric vehicle (a Peugeot 2007 S2000 rally car) has been approved for competition beginning next year. – photo courtesy of Stohl Racing

    • 2015 BMW i3 Gets Standard Fast Charging, Heated Seats
    • Chevy EN-V 2.0 To Be Used In EV-Sharing Program
    • Largest Truck In World Uses 4 Electric Motors
    • Daimler invests €100 million to expand lithium-ion battery production
    • Electric Supercar From Rimac Automobili Planned For 2015 Production
    • VIA Motors eREV Van Gets EPA Approval
    • Chinese government approves new Kandi luxury EV for incentives
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  • National Advanced Transportation News-November

    5 December 2014
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    We’ve assembled some of the top headlines pertaining to national advanced transportation news and commentary for November, including news that the U.S. Air Force have begun using EVs for V2G fleet, Green Fleet Car and Truck awards, advancement in research to develop Li-air batteries, and more…

    • Los Angeles Air Force Base Using 42 EVs For V2G Demonstration
    • Keystone, Schmeystone Part II: Air Force Nails Biggest V2G Fleet In The World
    • Big Bubbly Vs. Big Oil In Workplace EV Charging Death Match
    • Ford and Toyota Score First Green Fleet Car and Truck of the Year Awards
    • EV Fleet targets the commercial vehicle market with a pure electric pickup truck     

    (youtube video courtesy of EV Fleet, Inc.)

    • Utilities Increase Commitment to Electric Vehicles
    • Researchers move another step closer to Li-air batteries
    • Automakers offer free hydrogen – but not for the reason you think
    • Utilities launch initiatives to electrify their vehicle fleets, encourage workplace charging
    • ASE Introduces New Hybrid Certification
    • Bob Lutz Says VL Destino Could Be The World’s Fastest Sedan
    • Plug-in Hybrid BMW 3 Series Prototype Revealed
    • Nissan and Renault Sell 200,000th EV
    • Electric Motorcycles and Three Wheel Electric Vehicles 2015-2025
    • Quick Drive: The Harley-Davidson LiveWire
    • The Faraday electric bike shows us all how retro the future will be
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  • Next-gen battery pack testing: AeroVironment launches the AV-900 EX

    11 November 2014
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    View this article on Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine here.

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